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Unterschleißheim, 04.08.2021

In der aktuellen Ausgabe der Beschaffung Aktuell geht es um Kosteneinparungen bei C-Teilen. Konkret befasst sich der Artikel mit dem sogenannten "LineWalk" - hierbei wird der Montageprozess eines Produkts unter die Lupe genommen, um Kosteneinsparungen zu realisieren. Welche Ziele hierbei verfolgt werden und welche Vorteile ein LineWalk mit sich bringen kann, finden Sie in der Titelseitenstory.

Unterschleissheim, 13.07.2021

In an interview with the Industrieanzeiger, issue 12/2021, Hans van der Velden, CEO of Keller & Kalmbach, gives answers to this and reports on the cooperation with Fraunhofer IML, a good supplier strategy and the Corona crisis.

Unterschleißheim, 13.07.2021

Tools und Technologien der Zukunft - bei uns schon heute im Einsatz. Ein Interview mit Dr. Dariush Gigloo, Senior Data Scientist bei Keller & Kalmbach.

Unterschleissheim, 01.07.2021

In the summer campaign you will find special offers from the areas of hand and power tools, workshop equipment, occupational safety and much more.

Valid until 15.09.2021.

Unterschleissheim, 01.07.2021

  • Staying the course despite Corona
  • Optimising the Supply Chain - Interview with Dr Dariush Gigloo
  • Axia Award 2021
  • K&K on the move!
  • News

Unterschleissheim, 06.05.2021

Keller & Kalmbach is one of the winners of the Axia Best Managed Companies Award 2021, the prize and seal of approval for excellently managed companies awarded by Deloitte Private, Credit Suisse, WirtschaftsWoche and BDI.

Unterschleissheim, 04.03.2020

  • Future Vision 2025
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Price increases and supply shortages
  • Business year 2019/2020
  • Acquiration of HEMA Umformtechnik
  • Customer information and news

Unterschleissheim, 01.02.2021

Discover our new products in the field of safety equipment. Profit from short delivery times and good prices. The sales promotion is valid as long as stock lasts!

Unterschleissheim, 18.01.2021

The Keller & Kalmbach Group has acquired HEMA Schraubenfabrik und Befestigungstechnik GmbH in Schoemberg, Germany, as an asset deal. The new company operates under HEMA Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG. The managing director of the new company is the previous managing director and sole owner of HEMA Schraubenfabrik, Erwin Hermann.

Unterschleissheim, 11.11.2020

At Deckel Maho Pfronten, DMG Mori has built a state-of-the-art flow assembly line. Keller & Kalmbach takes over the supply of C-parts for the Excellence Factory.

Unterschleissheim, 21.10.2020

  • Impossible forecast for 2021
  • In the starting blocks for a big goal - Interview with the new managing director Hans van der Velden
  • Keller & Kalmbach as TOP-innovator 2020 awarded
  • New logistics systems labelLOG®  and parkLOG® wireless
  • Fameco new in the family
  • News

Unterschleissheim, 18.09.2020

Keller & Kalmbach Holding & Co. KG has announced its intention to acquire the trading business of Fameco Holding AB as from November 2020 from its current private shareholders. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Unterschleissheim, 19.06.2020

Keller & Kalmbach ranks among the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. On June 19, 2020, the Bavarian family business from Unterschleissheim was officially awarded the TOP100 distinction.

Unterschleissheim, 19.05.2020

  • Corona crisis: Operation successful - patient dead?
  • How did Keller & Kalmbach react to the crisis?
  • Product management in corona times - Interview with Werner Hochreiner
  • New products for your safety
  • News

Unterschleissheim, 14.05.2020

Companies are currently facing new challenges in terms of the protection of employees. But how did it come to the range and level of quality that Keller & Kalmbach can supply today? In an interview with Werner Hochreiner, we go into this subject and also find out more about certificates, which play a decisive role in the procurement of mouth and nose masks. 

Unterschleißheim, 12.05.2020

Das Großhandelsunternehmen Keller & Kalmbach gehört zu den jüngsten Mitgliedern der Lab-Familie am Fraunhofer IML. Trotz der kurzen Laufzeit der Einrichtung kann das bayerische Familienunternehmen bereits konkrete Ergebnisse vorweisen.


Information on the current delivery situation, measures to protect our employees and our availability.

Unterschleissheim, 01.04.2020

Schaeffler's special machine engineering division has implemented an E-Kanban system - now at four locations worldwide. The main objective was to find a balance between standardization and specialization for the individual needs of the plants. Keller & Kalmbach stood by their side as a flexible system partner.

Unterschleissheim, 09.03.2020

  • Made by diversity
  • Focus on people - Interview with Elfriede Graf, Human Resources Manager at Keller & Kalmbach
  • C-parts safely in view / Kanban online becomes LISA
  • Global Dreams at the Baltic Sea
  • Projects with vision

Unterschleissheim, 05.03.2020

Keller & Kalmbach has comprehensively developed and repositioned its information system. In addition to comprehensive statistics relating to their Kanban system landscape, customers benefit from visualizations and an alarm system.

Unterschleissheim, 04.11.2019

  • Wholesale in transition
  • FutureLab - Innovation laboratory for logistics
  • People in focus - Interview with Lena Burgis and Albina Kail
  • Bombardier Diamond Award
  • takeLOG: Systems for goods dispensing

Unterschleissheim, 17.09.2019

Mobility technology leader Bombardier Transportation hosted a supplier symposium on 12 September 2019. A highlight of the event was the presentation of the Diamond Award, at which Bombardier honored three of its top suppliers, including Keller & Kalmbach.

Unterschleissheim, 28.05.2019

In its 14.2019 issue, the trade magazine "Industrieanzeiger" reported on the successful implementation of our logistics systems dropLOG® and parkLOG® in combination with eLogistics at MV WERFTEN in Wismar, Rostock and Stralsund.

Unterschleissheim, 23.05.2019

Keller & Kalmbach establishes an Enterprise Lab at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML to develop innovative solutions to strengthen its role as one of the leading C-parts system suppliers.

Unterschleissheim, 15.05.2019

  • Editorial Dr. Florian Seidl: Wie aus Blau Grün wird
  • Kundenumfrage: Bestnote für Keller & Kalmbach
  • Neue Produkte
  • Aktuelles

Unterschleissheim, 22.04.2019

About friendly screws, energy and art:
Interview with Dr. Florian Seidl

Unterschleissheim, 10.01.2019

  • Editorial Dr. Florian Seidl: Optimistisch in das neue Jahr?
  • Menschen bei K&K: Interview mit André Kranz, Leiter Marketing und Produktmanagement
  • Kanban online
  • Keller & Kalmbach im Fokus
  • Neue Produkte und Aktuelles

Unterschleissheim, October 4, 2018

The trend toward individualization is ongoing:
Interview with Thomas Obermeyer and André Kranz on the topic of "Current trends in C-parts supply".

Unterschleissheim, September 21, 2018

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Neuss
  • German Association of the Automotive Industry VDA 6.2
  • IRIS ISO/TS 22163:2017

Unterschleissheim, July 2, 2018

  • Editorial Dr. Florian Seidl: Successful for 140 years
  • People at K&K: Interview with Georg Lampl, VKST Industry
  • New website & Online Shop on SAP Hybris basis
  • A brief history of screws 
  • Important customer information

Unterschleissheim, June 12, 2018

Keller & Kalmbach was once again honored by Deutsche Bahn as a Q1 supplier. The areas of Management System, Personnel/Qualification, Purchasing/Procurement, as well as Production were all evaluated. As a Q1 supplier, we are delighted to have received the highest classification for our quality capability.

Unterschleissheim, 26.03.2018

  • Editorial Dr. Florian Seidl: Läuft die Konjunktur heiß?
  • Menschen bei K&K: Interview mit Dr. Gerhard, Leiter IT Infrastruktur
  • Ein Lob der Schraube
  • Wichtige Kundeninformation

Unterschleissheim, December 14, 2017

  • Editorial Dr. Florian Seidl: The success of the star chefs
  • Take a glimpse into our future
  • Automatically better: eLogistics from Keller & Kalmbach
  • The air is clean? 
  • New products

Unterschleissheim, November 17, 2017

At its Munich location, Keller & Kalmbach has been successfully participating in Eco-Profit, Ökoprofit, an environmental protection initiative of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the City of Munich since 2007. Introduction of an environmental management system at three further locations Hilpoltstein, Regensburg, and Neuss is now set to place even greater focus on this commitment. 


Neuss, October 26, 2017

The Central Rhine Chamber of Industry & Commerce IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein presents the "Best Training Organization in the Central Rhine Region" award every year. Their objective with this award is to honor special training services. In 2017, approximately 150 enterprises were presented with an award by the Chamber of Industry & Commerce and our Neuss location was one of them.

Unterschleissheim, August 1, 2017

Keller & Kalmbach ranks among the 50 best medium-sized enterprises in Bavaria, Germany. Bavaria's Economic Affairs Minister Ilse Aigner presented the white porcelain lion in a festive atmosphere at Schleißheim Castle, Oberschleißheim.