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Disposal concepts

The disposal of hazardous substances for chemical-technical articles supplied by us is individually tailored to the customer, with solutions for containers of all kinds such as

  • Spray cans
  • Canister
  • Bottles
  • Cartridges
We are happy to offer you a practical disposal solution. You have the choice between handing in at the Keller & Kalmbach branch, special sacks for collecting empty containers or a subscription system for collection on your company premises.

For technically demanding industries and applications we offer you an individual and comprehensive 
Product consulting for chemical-technical products. By the exact analysis of the products used in the company, e.g. lubricants, a reduction of variants can be achieved. The advantages in application are: reduced risk of confusion, reduced maintenance, procurement savings, lower capital commitment and reduction of storage costs. 

We will be pleased to advise you: produktmanagement@keller-kalmbach.com