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C-parts management concept

On the basis of the article and quantity frameworks provided by you or joint analyses, the planning and design of the decentralised and / or central racking systems or storage locations and / or assembly locations is carried out, taking into account further factors such as the delivery frequency, the service depth or scope and / or the availability of storage and material provision areas on site.

Keller & Kalmbach defines its core competence in this context as the calculation and design of container filling quantities in relation to article technical and commercial conditions such as capital commitment, inventory range, peak demand, article geometry and weight.

In addition, your customer-specific arrangement, sorting and labelling requirements can be taken into account with regard to storage and retrieval equipment and containers.

In the course of the takeover and conversion of existing Kanban projects, we naturally transfer container stocks from upstream suppliers into the infrastructure and thus into the supply concept of Keller & Kalmbach, so that scrapping and unnecessary acquisition costs can be avoided.

Components of the concept can be:

Location decision 
Central warehouse, decentralised warehouse, "Kanban supermarkets", project-related external warehouses, warehouses directly at the customer's premises (also in cooperation with existing logistics partners), mixed forms, special solutions and complete warehouse operation concepts. 

Shelving system 
Shelving racks, supply trolleys, modular KKL racks, mobile racks, workstation racks.

Standard containers made of plastic or metal in any size and design, KLT, K&K packaging, customized containers etc.

Degree of outsourcing
Individual service according to your wishes - from partial service to full service. Supplier takeover (e.g. up to certain article value limits) and thus supplier reduction. 

Value-added services  
Set formation (customer-specific assortments), integration of special and drawing parts, regular statistics, article cleaning, online reporting tool LISA, quality management services, regular container cleaning by professional container washers, individual labelling. 

Data base/capture
RFID, bidirectional communication (similar to BLE), barcode, electronic data transfer (EDI), bill of material resolution.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) 
With our EDI converter we process all business transactions with you - completely independent of your merchandise management system. Orders, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices etc. can be exchanged with you automatically.