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The all-in-one platform for transparent management and optimization of your material supply process

A solution that works.

For internal stock transfers or external procurement processes

Logtopus® offers scalable automation for process optimization in combination with a wide variety of demand trigger systems. Whether you deploy it in purchasing or directly at the point of consumption, the platform gives you a clear and quick overview of items, stock movements, and order or sensor status.

Integration of all suppliers and materials
Simple integration of all trigger systems
Cloud-based solution
Can be used without own IT resources
Automatic recording of requirements in the central warehouse or on the assembly line
Automatic reporting to suppliers
Simple ERP integration (API)
Can be used for internal and external processes
Clear dashboard with all parameters and KPIs
Trigger overview with all linked information
Configured filters for quick access
Detailed view of all goods movements in the warehouse and on the line
Optimization of stock quantities, release sizes or release limits and fast elimination of zero turners
Direct triggering of the mutation process thanks to free change paramenters
Easy integration of additional products and suppliers

Logtopus® can do more than you think. We would be happy to show you how it simplifies your processes and how great your savings potential is in a personal consultation. Click on the button below, which will take you to the official Logtopus® homepage. There you will find further information about Logtopus®.