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Inventory and supplier integration

In the course of introducing a C-parts management system - and thus concentrating on one or a few suppliers or system partners (C-parts management service providers) - hundreds, usually even thousands, of individual articles are integrated into a procurement and provision system. Keller & Kalmbach, with its experience from over 3,000 completed projects, ensures the seamless integration of all defined suppliers into a C-parts management system. This can include the transfer of defined articles from manufacturers, specific brands or dealers:

  • Quality assurance including audits
  • Supplier Management 
  • Disposition
  • Warehousing and inventory management and 
  • Commercial sovereignty through K&K (Keller & Kalmbach is the contractual partner of the suppliers including payment processing etc.) 

This includes above all the procurement, disposition, storage and provision on site - i.e. the supply of the customers (central warehouse, assembly stations, supermarkets etc.) with the predefined parts or C-items. If desired, K&K takes over the desired service up to the point of consumption.

With the transfer of supply responsibility within the framework of a C-parts management system to Keller & Kalmbach, your stocks are transferred to Keller & Kalmbach stocks and, if necessary, also transferred to appropriate containers.

In case of overstocking we can indicate this on the corresponding container by a marker if desired. In this way a buffer stock can be checked for overstocks before the regular demand is triggered. However, in some cases it is also more sensible for economic reasons to scrap surplus goods.