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Statement of the Management

Keller & Kalmbach and all affiliated companies have committed themselves to free competition and speak out decisively against corruption on all levels of economic and social life. The highest standard of integrity in business life, firmly established in our motto, “fit.fair.friendly.”, is especially important to us. Transparency in our business processes is one of the most important cornerstones of our success.

At the same time, compliance with legislation and laws in our corporate action are a matter of course. Infringements, on the other hand, are not compatible with our values. Not only do they damage the reputation of our company, but they can also result in serious legal consequences.

The continuity and constant further development of our company depend significantly on our commitment to social responsibility and on our reputation as a reliable business partner.

Please inform us

If you want to give us information about infringements against our Code of Conduct, you can do this at any time. This offer is directed at all employees of Keller & Kalmbach as well as at customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Your information will be treated with the necessary sensitivity and seriousness. Whistleblowers are specially protected and can also report their information anonymously. We undertake to maintain absolute secrecy and to provide feedback to the whistleblower within three months.