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LineWalk - Cost savings for C-part

Our know-how for your innovative edge!

Do you want an innovative edge? You want to differentiate yourself from the competition? Do you want to look at (technical) connections from an overall business perspective? We know the competitive and cost pressures as well as the trends and requirements in our customers' industries. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we can help you stay one step ahead.

What does LineWalk mean?

A LineWalk is a production inspection. Keller & Kalmbach inspects the development and manufacture of the product from A to Z in order to identify optimization potential at the level of the product itself, the assembly processes, screw technology and surfaces. In short, an assembly process of a product is scrutinized in order to realize cost savings.

What does the LineWalk do?

Together with you, we create competitive products and processes, identify optimization potential at the level of the product, assembly processes, screwdriving technology and surfaces. During a production inspection, our experts take a close look at the assembly of a product and the following optimization proposals can result from this:

  • Standardization of the product range: fasteners are harmonized, through a modular system or preferred element, which also goes beyond development departments
  • Use of standard products: To avoid unnecessarily expensive parts with special properties, C-parts are precisely matched to the application
  • Inclusion of A and B parts: A close look at the connecting parts can also lead to the use of less expensive A and B parts

Our experts will arrange an on-site visit with you, during which we will analyze all work steps and the tools and products used for them in your series production.

Within 4 weeks of the plant inspection, you will receive an optimization concept from us that contains several concrete suggestions for improvement, including potential savings.

Of course, you decide yourself which adjustments you would like to make afterwards. We support you in the whole process from A to Z.

What goals are we pursuing?

With the LineWalk, we would like to try to achieve savings at the product level, for example through quantity effects and the use of standard parts. On the other hand, we are also aiming for savings at the process level, which we can achieve, for example, by reducing the product range. Another point is the saving of assembly times. Among other things, we can achieve this by reducing the number of tool changes.

The unit price of C-parts is often in the cent range, but often the so-called "hidden costs" or "total cost of ownership" are forgotten. In addition to the unit prices, the process costs for ordering, logistics and assembly, which are many times higher than the unit price alone, are also decisive. 

Roland Salomon, Director Application Engineering & Development and Head of Technical Project Purchasing at Keller & Kalmbach, explains, "You have to realize that each C-part generates its own digital order number and the process costs for managing such a product, despite a very low unit price, can run into four figures annually." Volume discounts often result when larger quantities of certain C-parts are purchased.

Want to learn more about C-Parts and their cost savings?

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