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Our company philosophy

Quality is the top priority at Keller & Kalmbach. Keller & Kalmbach always strives to act with quality. This applies both to its products and the actions of company staff. Keller & Kalmbach strives to be the sector's cost leader. Keller & Kalmbach designs its own processes to be efficient and helps customers achieve the same with its services.

Keller & Kalmbach strives to be a fair partner for its customers and suppliers. Fairness toward customers means: Prices that are very reasonable in light of the quality and service on offer. Passing on cost benefits, as well as communicating with honesty and transparency. If, despite all efforts, something should ever go wrong, the problem should be handled quickly and with good will. All 20,000 customers should be treated equally here.

To paraphrase Karl Valentin: "We depend on you, but you don't depend on us. Remember that!". Keller & Kalmbach is always keen to maintain good relationships with its business partners and never lose its "joy of trading". Even in the most stressful of situations, there should still be time for a smile or a friendly word. For us, friendly does not just mean customer-friendly handling of all procedures and processes. In fact, our goal is to treat all customers in a fair and friendly way.