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MRO automatic dispensers for an ordered and secure dispensing of material

The takeLOG® goods issuing system improves material management in companies with a user-friendly and automated platform. With an intuitive user interface, it enables precise warehouse management and efficient material issuing. 

The automation of picking processes minimises sources of error, while smart technologies monitor stock levels in real time and trigger automatic reordering.

The flexibility of takeLOG® adapts to the individual requirements of different industries, promotes efficiency in materials management and increases transparency and control over the flow of goods. A pioneering solution for companies that want to optimise their logistics processes and ensure smooth materials management.

Spacesaving design, with monitor

Client version of compact MDC

With 60 plastic boxes

With 60 boxes and monitor

Client version with 56 boxes

With 9 drawers and monitor

Client version with 12 drawers

Rondell system with touchscreen and scan

Rondell system with touchscreen

Rondell system, client version

Locker system for bulky articles


Permanent availability
The system ensures that tools and operating resources are always available to keep the production process running smoothly.

Cost transparency
Automatic cost allocation on removal ensures that the costs for tools and materials are transparent.

Efficient logistics
Connection to other warehouse or merchandise management systems enables efficient logistics processes and material flow control.

The modular design enables step-by-step expansions and adaptations to the company's requirements.

Cost savings
Automation and avoidance of waste can lead to cost savings of up to 40 %.

Employee engagement
The system can sensitise employees to use tools and materials in a more targeted manner, resulting in lower consumption.

Transparency and control
Complete control over stock levels and processes provides greater transparency and a better basis for decision-making.

Project process with Keller & Kalmbach

Initial appointment with our customers (incl. consultation & article recording)
A crucial starting point that includes a comprehensive consultation and a detailed inventory of the required items.

Item re-categorisation by our product managers
A critical phase in which our product managers carry out a precise realisation of customer requirements.

Design of the vending machine taking individual customer requirements into account
Customisation of the vending machine according to the customer's specific wishes and needs.

Quotation for the prices of the vending machines (with article prices if necessary)
Transparent quotation that includes not only the vending machine prices, but also the item prices if applicable.

Delivery of the configured vending machine incl. initial stocking
Abschließender Schritt, der die Lieferung des komplett konfigurierten Automaten inklusive der Erstbestückung markiert.


Do you have any questions about takeLOG?
Then please get in touch with our experts.

Valentino Sperduto
Projektmanager MRO

Telefon: +49 89 8395-873
E-Mail: takelog@keller-kalmbach.com