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Special parts and drawing parts - individually manufactured to high quality standards

Drawing parts or special parts are industrial custom-made products which are produced exclusively for you in small quantities, small series or large series according to drawings, usually CAD drawings, and supplied by us. The drawing parts and special parts can be integrated into a C-parts management system at any time. 

For over 140 years, Keller & Kalmbach has been the specialist when it comes to connecting and fastening technology and has had sound know-how in special and drawing parts since the early 1960s. We supply turned and milled parts, stamped and bent parts, as well as extruded and plastic parts in all materials, grades and with any surface or coating - in the highest industrial quality.

These are mostly non-standardised parts, manufactured individually according to your wishes. Some of them are also standard parts with slightly modified parameters compared to DIN, for example screws or other fasteners or fixing parts with special dimensions and surfaces or coatings. Originally, the design of the drawing parts was based on a technical drawing, today it is usually based on a CAD programme.

Our experience is your benefit

Over 30,000 customer-specific special- and drawing parts are procured and delivered for customers such as Porsche, Krones, or ZF. Keller & Kalmbach takes care of all processing here, from requests to audited suppliers, through selection and acceptance, prototype production, all the way up to permanent quality assurance and integration, for example in delivery systems. You can find further information in the Application engineering section.

Keller & Kalmbach attaches great importance to the highest quality and is certified to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and VDA 6.2. As an 'A supplier', Keller & Kalmbach is for example audited by Siemens, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn, Krones, ZF, and many other major customers. 

Overview: Drawing parts and their manufacturing processes

In the following, we explain which drawing parts or special parts we can offer from almost any material according to requirements.

Zeichnungsteile Beispiel für Dreh- und Frästeile

Keller & Kalmbach uses the latest precision lathes to supply turned parts based on samples or drawings, for all areas of application, in all materials, and for all surfaces. Complicated geometries and custom materials are also included in the portfolio. Experienced engineers and application consultants ensure that your special parts are always assigned to the optimum manufacturing method. With us, you have access to over 120 certified premium manufacturers worldwide in the areas of single-spindle, multi-spindle, CNC turning, as well as rotary stroke and coil turning. Typical turned and milled parts are: Bearing seats, flywheels, guide pins and drive gearing. 

Sonderteile Beispiel für Fließpressteile

Cold-formed parts and special screws are produced on multi-stage presses from formable steels and non-ferrous metals in all standard strength classes, including subsequent machining. Warm-formed parts are offered in complex shapes using corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, creep-resistant steels and alloys. In addition to this, we offer basic subassemblies for these special parts e.g. O-ring installation. Typical impact extruded parts are screws, bolts such as locking bolts, spacer bolts, suspension bolts, detent bolts, locking bolts etc. Also plugs, pins, structural components and ball joints.

Stanz- und Biegeteile

Depending on requirements, Keller & Kalmbach offers basic parts or parts with demanding contours, as well as punched, drawn, or pressed parts. Whether steel, stainless steel, spring steel, bronze, copper, brass, or plastic - everything can be created in technically feasible strengths. Combined punched, pressed, and embossed parts can also be supplied. Water jet-cut and laser-cut parts can also be offered in smaller quantities. Typical stamped and bent parts are hinges, connecting plates, washers and profiled sheets.



Keller & Kalmbach offers plastic special parts based on customer requirements, taking into account the latest production technologies. Thermoplastics and thermosets are processed for virtually all areas of application using an injection molding process. Complicated shapes and parts produced in small quantities are turned or milled. Typical plastic parts are: Cover caps, protective caps, shims, hinges and bushings.




In this manufacturing process, metals are shaped with the help of a laser. A computer-controlled CNC laser cutting machine is used for this, which obtains the data from the CAD template. In addition to aluminium and stainless steel, many other materials can be used as the material for these drawing parts. Almost all shapes can be produced accurately with the help of the laser. Typical laser parts are prototypes, connection plates (small numbers) and spacer plates (levelling plates).

Wide range of materials for special parts and drawing parts

The most modern and, in consultation with you, optimal production technology is used, e.g. CNC technology, cold and hot forming, additive manufacturing, grinding, casting, etc. for the production of your drawing parts and special parts. The selection of materials for special parts and drawing parts is very large: 

  • Steel
  • Stainless steels
  • Heat-resistant steels
  • Sheet metal
  • Aluminium
  • Plastics
  • Bund metals
  • High-strength steels (titanium, duplex)

All materials for drawing parts and special parts are available with different surface finishes or coatings as far as they can be produced.

These include, for example, coatings of brass with an anti-tarnish protection or phosphating of materials such as steel or aluminium. 

What we offer in addition: Bending, grinding, milling, hardening and smoothing after the production of laser or stamped parts or titanium-based conversion for aluminium can also be found in our portfolio. In doing so, we focus entirely on your wishes. You can also rely on our technicians and engineers from the application technology department.

From small to large series

Our expertise, production capacities and batch sizes range for drawing parts from simple samples to small and large series. This enables us, among other things, to scale the production of customised assemblies and fasteners according to your designs. We will be happy to advise you on this, because our service makes the difference.

On the basis of the most modern production technology, the following special parts and drawing parts are manufactured for you:

  • Turned parts
  • Milled parts
  • Impact extruded parts
  • Stamped and bent parts
  • Laser parts
  • Plastic parts
  • Additively manufactured parts

Post-treatment and surface coating of drawing parts and special parts

We offer a wide range of post-treatments for every drawing part and special part:

  • We drill, grind or mill your components or bent parts after production.
  • We also offer lapping or honing.
  • We also roll or cut threads of screws or threaded rods for you.
  • We sandblast, trowalise, harden or quench drawing parts.

We also offer the following surface coatings for drawing parts:

  • Phosphating of steel and any other suitable material
  • Chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, burnishing and anodising of materials
  • Zinc flake coatings, powder coatings and organic coatings

Your partner - the sooner, the better

We support you in finding the right product with all its properties such as material, dimension, coating, tolerances and thus the right solution for your individual challenge. We are happy to support you in partnership right from the start i.e. in the planning and design of products, production and assembly processes as well as bolting. Involving our technicians and engineers at an early stage leads to the greatest possible savings, because this step has the greatest impact on costs and processes that arise afterwards. In other words: Avoiding costs at a time when it is still possible. 

What is important or to be observed when ordering drawing parts?

From the initial discussion, including your individual wishes, to the design, simulation, approval and production using the latest manufacturing techniques, right through to systematic, production-accompanying quality testing and final inspection - the focus for Keller & Kalmbach is always on the perfect solution.

For an initial discussion, we only need some information from you:

1. drawing and related specifications/standards (material, heat treatment, surfaces, specific fuses, etc.)
2. desired quantity
3. desired delivery time

Based on a discussion with our experts, we will prepare a customised quotation for your drawing and special parts. In doing so, we also advise you in order to determine the ideal parts and solutions for you. Our Application Technology and Engineering team is always available for you at the following e-mail address: engineering@keller-kalmbach.com 

Trustworthy partnership

We are a quality-conscious supplier but also your trustworthy advisor and partner. We attach great importance to respecting the intellectual property or copyright of your designs for special parts and to exercising the utmost discretion. We will be happy to confirm this by means of a confidentiality declaration or confidentiality agreement on request.