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Process and cost analysis

The reduction of process costs in the context of C-part management is becoming increasingly important. Our experts support you in identifying process weaknesses and non-value-added activities (Japanese MUDA).

Within the scope of a joint plant inspection, we will record, document and analyze all existing material and information flows of the C-parts supply, and present or prepare them in a value stream analysis. Based on this, we will present you with alternative supply concepts or fundamental improvement potentials, taking into account both logistical and IT requirements (actual analysis).

As part of a linewalk, Keller & Kalmbach examines the development and manufacture of the product(s) from A-Z in order to identify optimisation potential at the level of the product itself, the assembly processes, screw technology and surfaces. In short, an assembly process of a product is scrutinised in order to realise cost savings. 

Our process cost calculator allows for a joint consideration and evaluation of unrealized savings potentials and is reflected in the value stream design (target process) provided by Keller & Kalmbach.