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Social engagement

Social responsibility, environmentally conscious business practices and corporate ethics through compliance guidelines have always been important cornerstones of success and constant companions for Keller & Kalmbach throughout its history. We are involved in various charitable and cooperative initiatives, both financially and in terms of personnel. Below you will find a brief list of these.

Dr. Florian Seidl was for decades a member of the board of the professional association of screw wholesalers. He was a co-founder of the European association and is now its honorary chairman. In addition, we are members of various trade associations.

  • LGAD - Landesverband Bayern, Groß- & Außenhandel, Dienstleistungen e.V.
  • BGA - Bundesverband Groß- & Außenhandel, Dienstleistungen e. V.
  • Bundesvereinigung Logistik & Bundeswirtschaftssenat
  • Stiftung Familienunternehmen
  • Fair Company Initiative
  • Supporting membership for the Bayerisches Wirtschaftsarchiv e.V.

We are committed to education in order to promote young talent and provide our trainees with a promising future.

Keller & Kalmbach has a cooperation with "ICS e.V." (International Co-operative Studies e.V.), a support association for dual study programs. Ms. Birgit Gebauer, our training manager at Keller & Kalmbach, is on the board of Akademie Handel e.V. and an active member of the LGAD's vocational training committee. Ms. Elfriede Graf, HR manager at Keller & Kalmbach, is a dvct-certified coach and a member of DVCT e.V. Furthermore, she represents us on the LGAD's collective bargaining committee.

A willingness to help and support those in need are central elements in our company philosophy, which is why Keller & Kalmbach GmbH financially benefits various initiatives.

  • Annual donation to the Advent Calendar of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, which supports those in need throughout Upper Bavaria
  • Regular donations to the Social Service of Catholic Women, which primarily supports single mothers
  • Donations to the Catholic Youth Welfare of the Diocese of Regensburg e. V.
  • Supporting membership with Carisimo e.V.

Depending on the crisis situation, we donate to various initiatives. There is also a fund for K&K employees in need.


Dr. Seidl has always had a heart for art. This is evident at his headquarters in Unterschleißheim, as well as in his supporting memberships. He is a member of "PIN - Friends of the Pinakothek der Moderne", was chairman of the Kunstverein for 18 years and has been deputy chairman of the Pinakothek der Moderne Foundation since 2018. We support:

  • the Art Association Munich & the Nationalmuseum Munich
  • the Stadtmuseum & the Deutsches Museum
  • the Glyptothek & the Lenbachhaus
  • the STOA 169 Foundation


Regular exercise is an important and necessary balance to daily office work, which is still largely spent sitting. Exercise helps keep the body in balance and protect it from disease. Keller & Kalmbach cares deeply about the health of its employees.Keller & Kalmbach cares a lot about the health of its employees. It is not without reason that there is a volleyball team in Unterschleißheim consisting of Keller & Kalmbach employees. Employees are also motivated to take part in the B2Run, the German company running championship, as the "K&K Team". This series of company runs is held at a total of 17 German locations.