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Our service

C-parts management and more

Keller & Kalmbach offers innovative C-parts management systems for procurement, warehousing, and provision of C-parts.

In addition to standard parts, components that are specifically designed and optimized for their application are used to a great extent in the industrial sector.

We support you in depicting all business transactions in electronic form and thereby provide efficient and transparent procurement processes.

Keller & Kalmbach attaches great importance to the highest quality. This refers not only to goods, but also the actions of employees.

We have been supporting our customers in selecting and integrating the optimum DIN parts during the design phase with CAD data since 2007.

Brochures, flyers, technical information, catalogs, explanations, Standard Terms and Conditions, certificates, etc.

For technically challenging sectors and intended applications, we offer you individual and comprehensive product consulting for chemical-technical products.

We are looking for suppliers who, together with us, accept and successfully implement the constantly growing challenges of fasteners and industrial parts.

A form is available to you for complaints and suggestions. 

With LISA, we offer our Kanban customers an online evaluation option for master and transaction data of delivery systems. You can call up comprehensive information on your systems and carry out targeted evaluations.

Do you have a question? Would you like a personal consultation or to get in touch with us?