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Online shop terms of use

This website is subject to the following Terms of Use, which become binding between users and us when accessing the website.

I. Registration and usage 
Both registration and usage of the Online Shop are free of charge. Users must first register before being able to use the Online Shop. During the registration process, users are requested to enter truthful information. Keller & Kalmbach must be informed immediately of any subsequent changes to the relevant data. 

Only legal entities, partnerships and natural persons with unrestricted legal capacity are permitted to register and use the website. Minors are expressly forbidden from registering for the Online Shop. In the case of legal entities and partnerships, registration is generally performed in the name of the respective company. Registration may only be performed by an employee of the company that has powers of representation. This employee must also submit their name. The employee of the company that is named during the registration process is the contact person and administrator of access rights for Keller & Kalmbach GmbH. Users should ensure that they can be reached using the e-mail address they have specified and that they can access messages sent to this address. 

II. Access data and due diligence 
Once the registration process has been successfully completed, the user is sent a link to create a password. Once this has been set up, the user can log in using the e-mail address specified and the password that has now been defined. The access data should be stored in a secure location and protected from unauthorized third-party access. Users are generally liable for all activities performed using the user account they have set up. If the user is not responsible for misuse of the linked account, as no violation of the due diligence obligations in place has occurred, the user is then not liable. 

III. Ordering / conclusion of the contract 
All offers made by Keller & Kalmbach within the Online Shop are subject to change and non-binding. Should errors occur in terms of product specifications or prices stated, Keller & Kalmbach reserves the right to make corrections to these.  The user can select as many goods as desired from the portfolio on offer and place these in the shopping basket. The content of the shopping basket can be changed or emptied at any time. There is a ""Pay now"" button at the end of this page. When this button is pressed, a binding declaration toward Keller & Kalmbach of the order regarding the goods contained in the shopping basket is submitted. At the same time, the Standard T&Cs are accepted. These can also be viewed at any time by clicking on the T&Cs link in the footer. 

A contract is not concluded until an order confirmation is sent out or delivery of the products ordered has been effected. Users can also check their current orders in the My Account - Order History area when logging in to the Online Shop again at a later date. 

IV. Prices / delivery costs 
The General Terms of Sale, Delivery, and Payment apply (T&Cs). 

Insofar as the quotation does not provide any information to the contrary, all prices stated by Keller & Kalmbach are strictly net and ex stock, plus statutory sales tax, as well as packaging, insurance, and transport costs. 

The minimum order value is €25. If an order does not reach this value, we are entitled to invoice the minimum order value. We charge a flat-rate shipping cost participation of €9.50 per order. For orders with a net goods value of more than €100, the flat-rate charge is €3.50. 

V. Security when placing orders
To guarantee the greatest possible security for our customers, we use SSL encryption technology in the Online Shop. This type of encryption is standard in Internet business and is used by all reputable Online Shops. SSL encryption prevents third parties from viewing your personal data during the order process. 

VI. Restrictions of use
This website/Online Shop contains all manner of data and information that is trademarked and/or protected by copyright. These trademarks and/or copyrights are owned by us or, in individual cases, by third parties. It is therefore not permitted to download, copy, or disseminate the website/Online Shop either in full or in part. However, It is permitted to technically reproduce this information for browsing purposes.

It is permitted to set a link to this website insofar as it serves as a cross-reference only. We reserve the right to withdraw such permission at any time. No framing of this website is permitted.

VII. Disclaimer
Keller & Kalmbach maintains the content and information of the websites, as well as the Online Shop with great care and regularly updates these. Yet despite this, the data and information provided serves only as a source of general information and does not replace individual consulting.

We are liable for the content on our web sites to the extent that this is governed by local law. However, no warranty is given for the correctness or completeness of the information contained on the website or in the shop. Any references and links to websites maintained by third parties do not mean that we endorse the content behind such links or reference. The contents do not constitute any responsibility on our part for data and information provided there. We have no influence on the contents provided via the link. We therefore do not accept any liability for unlawful, inaccurate, or incomplete content contained on external websites or for any loss suffered as a result of use or failure to use the information contained therein.

We are ultimately also not liable for any failure of the website, the Online Shop, or access to the shop that is caused by technical issues.

Date: April 2018