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Environmental management

Respect for our natural environment and the living conditions of subsequent generations is extremely important to Keller & Kalmbach.


Although Keller & Kalmbach operates purely as a trading company and therefore has only very low environmental relevance, we still place great emphasis on environmental protection.

With an Environmental Protection Officer who reports directly to the management team and integration of the environmental protection system in the QA system certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and VDA 6.2, we constantly work to comply with all environmental laws. 

In addition to this, Keller & Kalmbach has been successfully participating in Eco-Profit, an environmental protection initiative of the German Chambers of Industry & Commerce and the city of Munich, since 2007. We have also been maintaining a detailed environmental balance sheet since this time. We monitor all key consumption figures relating to energy and emissions, waste and water. The measures to reduce consumption that are derived from this are analyzed during regular audits performed by employees of the Chamber of Industry & Commerce or the city of Munich to ensure their usefulness and appropriateness.

In 2011 and 2012, Keller & Kalmbach successfully participated in the city of Munich's "Company Mobility Management" funding program. Mobility management is an approach to influencing transport demand with the objective of making passenger transport more efficient, as well as more environmentally friendly and socially responsible, i.e. more sustainable. Through information, communication, motivation, coordination, and service, employees are inspired to change their mobility behavior and their attitude toward mobility generally.

Environmental protection encompasses all business divisions and should be actively lived out by all employees. This is achieved by integrating our environmental protection concepts into our operational process structures and motivating our employees to act in an environmentally conscious way.


The following areas are addressed by Keller & Kalmbach in terms of environmental protection:

Disposal of packaging waste, scrap, as well as other waste that is accrued in the offices:

  • Use of reusable packaging in shipping (small load carriers)
  • Use of reusable transport and storage containers
  • Separation of waste through provision of sorting containers for collection of recyclable material

Waste water:

  • Waste water is encountered exclusively in the sanitary area, as no processing or production is performed

Pollutant emission due to heating and use of vehicles:

  • Modern heating systems at all branches
  • Vehicles used are from the latest generation of low-emission models

Energy consumption:

  • Use of EDP equipment with energy-saving mode

Environmental policy

As a responsible company, we also feel particularly committed to environmental protection. With the EMAS environmental management system and the permanent effort to protect the environment and save resources, we make our contribution to a better handling of the environment - also by involving all employees.

Due to its responsibility for people and the environment, Keller & Kalmbach GmbH pursues the following guiding principles in its environmental policy:

1. We commit ourselves to environmental protection.
2. The consumption of resources is to be reduced to a minimum.
3. We want to optimise the use of energy in our company and strive for a higher share of renewable energies.
4. All employees are informed, qualified and motivated according to their tasks in environmental protection. They are required to implement these principles and to fulfil all binding obligations. Employees are involved in concrete environmental protection measures. The working environment is set up according to ecological standards.
5. We inform our suppliers and customers about our efforts in environmental protection.
6. We take responsibility for the future of future generations.
7. In order to continuously improve our environmental management system, the environmental goals or programmes are reviewed during regular audits.
8. We are committed to the continuous improvement of environmental performance, the avoidance of environmental pollution and the ongoing improvement of the environmental management system.
9. Our goal is to bring economy and ecology into harmony.

The management of Keller & Kalmbach GmbH hereby declares the binding nature of this policy and ensures that these guidelines are available to the public.