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K&K Advanced Analytics

Intelligent. Dynamic. Intuitive.

The demanding, ever-changing, digital supply chains require fast and creative solutions.

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Digitalisation and transformation of processes along the supply chain

Advanced Analytics sees itself as a central unit within Keller & Kalmbach GmbH that develops and provides innovative solutions as advanced analytics tools for the digitalisation, transformation and automation of processes along the C-parts supply chain. 

Advanced Analytics enables:

  • a stable, flexible and efficient supply chain for C-parts
  • Transparent communication along the supply chain
  • Improved security of supply
  • Proactive supply bottleneck warning
  • facilitated cooperation by reducing the number of interfaces
  • a service level guarantee

Analytics Tools

Advanced analytics tools enable timely identification of problems and bottlenecks along the supply chain and provide suggestions and support to derive targeted measures for elimination or prevention.
Advanced Analytics is suitable for an extremely large number of items and the resulting operations and process/steps.

Advanced Analytics uses over 20 different tools with intuitive, self-explanatory user interfaces, such as:

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Order Tracking
  • Order Replenishment
  • Lead Time Forecasting
  • Demand Tracking
  • etc.
Advanced Analytics offers proactive and customer-specific tracking of inventory trends instead of reactive escalation management, as well as scenario analysis of future inventory trends and ranges, taking into account the most important influencing factors.

The tools address practical problems and are based on many years of cooperation with various departments at Keller & Kalmbach and customers with very different requirements and framework conditions.
Your added value with advanced analytics