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C-parts management

Solutions for series und MRO

Since 1988, when the first logistics system was implemented at Siemens, we have successfully implemented more than 2,000 kanban systems and have continuously developed our logistics systems.

The requirements in production supply are becoming more and more complex, reaction and development times shorter and it is more important than ever to react flexibly to new demands. Logistical processes are no longer triggered by large, centralized systems, but by self-controlling systems that order automatically.

This is exactly where we come in. Keller & Kalmbach supports you with tailor-made logistics concepts and solutions for C-parts to make your processes leaner in the long term. This not only saves you time and money, but also sustainable resources. Our solutions are used in the procurement, storage and provision of C-parts in series production as well as in maintenance. Let us advise you to develop the perfect and most economical solution for your company. 

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Logistics systems

Keller & Kalmbach already offers you the next generation of Kanban solutions, which are based on RFID and NFC technology and can be combined individually. The versatile logistics systems make a key contribution to leveraging process cost savings and thereby to implementing your logistical requirements.

The order is placed by rotating the two-piece split container.

The order is placed by pressing a button. The perfect solution for bulky material.

Using the latest weighing technology, weightLOG® continuously monitors the fill level in the container.

When using dropLOG®, the order placement process is triggered via insertion of an empty container into the RFID box.
Order triggering is performed as soon as the empty container is transported through the RFID gate.

With parkLOG®, the order is triggered by placing the empty container on the RFID mat.

With parkLOG® wireless the order is triggered by placing the empty container on the energy self-sufficient RFID mat.

MRO automatic dispensers for ordered and secure material issuing.

The order of the empty containers is triggered by scanning via smartphone/App

Intelligent - Networking the logistics systems

eLogistics from Keller & Kalmbach is an intelligent, IT-based solution for automated goods management. This makes it possible to control all material and information flows of items with recurring demands. All relevant information is packaged and evaluated in eLogistics.

In addition to standard parts, components that are specifically designed and optimized for their application are used to a great extent in the industrial sector. Our specialists in technical consulting services work with you to develop custom solutions for your requirements. Employees in the field of application technology serve as, in this case, an interface between development, application, production, quality assurance, purchasing and sales and, as an experienced partner, accompany you throughout the entire process.

  • Analysis, consulting and conceptual design
  • Implementation services
  • System services during operation
  • and much more

The right solution for any requirements

The ideal storage system for industrial maintenance requirements.

Tailor-made services for your requirements.

Your online evaluation option for master and movement data from Kanban systems.

Reduce your process costs and save valuable time.

Discover your opportunities to save process costs and get individual advice.


So-called C-parts such as screws, nuts, bolts, washers, pins, cotter pins, rivets, dowels, small electrical parts and many other similar products are indispensable for the end product and for the maintenance of production despite their low value. The C-parts cause a high processing and procurement effort, which usually far exceeds the pure material value. In order to optimise this disposition, procurement and provision process, Keller & Kalmbach offers you intelligent C-parts management solutions based on e.g. RFID or BLE technology.

With our know-how into the future

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Lowest energy demand

Neueste Funktechnologie

Latest wireless technology

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Precise sensor technology

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Mobile device optimisation