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Electronic catalogs

In consultation, we provide you with all product data in electronic form for your eProcurement system, your ERP system, or for a marketplace that you use to bundle your orders. In addition to this, customer-specific requirements can be depicted.


  • Electronic catalogs for all standard systems, such as Ariba, Diehl Informatic, Informatica, Onventis, simple system, Wallmedien, etc.
  • Data formats BMEcat, ASCII, CSV, Excel, etc.
  • Classification to eCI@ss or UNSPSC 

The benefits for you

  • Fast access to over 150,000 items
  • Display your individual prices
  • 99.9% of items with at least one image
  • Access to item features
  • Integration of safety data sheets, EAN code, customs tariff no., approvals and technical information sheets
  • Integration of special items
  • Catalog data available in the following languages: German, English, Italian, Hungarian, Czech

OCI interface to your ERP system

Beside direct access to our Onlineshop, you can also access your individual catalog range in our Onlineshop via OCI interface from your ERP system. This allows you to continue using your ERP system in the same, familiar way - with all rights and settings - while accessing the latest product data, search options, scan options, etc. directly and with daily updates. This spares you the time-consuming and monotonous task of manually updating article data or importing catalog data.