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Order placement: Pressing the button


pushLOG® is the perfect solution for articles that cannot be stored in conventional containers. Beside long goods, very heavy or bulky articles, pallet goods, cable drums, or hoses can be stored. The order is triggered by pressing a button on the transponder. You can specify the replenishment quantity individually for each transponder. The integrated LED display informs you of the status of your order and delivery process directly at the place of consumption. Articles can be integrated into an existing system at any time. With pushLOG®, we use NFC technology and bidirectional communication.

  • System for bulky items not suited for container storage - e.g. threaded rods
  • Order triggering by pressing a trigger button
  • Order data transmitted to K&K via GSM
  • Identification and testing of the installed transponders 
  • System application in open warehouses and circulating storage, or directly at the assembly site
  • Order bulky materials by pressing a button
  • 10 years of energy independence
  • Visual support for the employee through LED displays
  • Infrastructure can be combined with further logistics systems