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parkLOG® wireless

Order triggering: placing the empty container on the energy-autonomous RFID mat

parkLOG® wireless triggers an order when the empty container is placed on the energy self-sufficient RFID mat. Each container is marked with a unique RFID label and thus helps to identify individual customer characteristics. You can determine the replenishment quantity individually for each transponder.

  • System based on 2-container Kanban principle
  • Mats are wireless and connected to the controller unit via radio
  • Order initiation by placing the empty containers on the RFID mat
  • Transmission of order data to K&K via internet/mobile phone immediately after reading or at a defined time
  • System use in the supermarket or flexible on the assembly line

  • Solution impresses with space saving, mobility and flexibility, as it is wirelessly operated
  • Energy-autonomous operation through battery operation (approx. 1 year with 12 readings daily)
  • Mats can be placed on existing shelf infrastructure
  • Monitoring and maintenance via remote access - Several mats can be operated with one controller unit
  • Optical support of the "worker" in the ordering process through integrated LED display
  • Problem-free expandability/article integration into an existing system - Demand-oriented order initiation
  • Batch traceability possible at any time
  • Washing the containers after each return