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Placing the empty container on the RFID mat

 triggers an order when the empty container is placed on the RFID mat. Each container carries a unique RFID label and thereby contributes to identification of individual customer features. You can specify the replenishment quantity individually for each transponder. An integrated LED display on the RFID mat, as well as in the display on the rack side provide you with visual order confirmation/feedback. 

  • System based on two-container Kanban principle
  • Order triggering by placing the empty containers on the RFID mat
  • Order data transmitted to K&K via GSM
  • Identification and testing of the installed transponders 
  • System application in a supermarket or on the assembly line
  • Saves space by using the top shelf in the rack
  • Remote maintenance of the system possible
  • Visual support for the employee through LED displays 
  • Container washing and relabeling prior to each delivery