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The Keller & Kalmbach Kanban services are based on your special requirements and the framework conditions. 

Project preparation and implementation 

  • Customer-specific analysis and consulting 
  • Tailored process adaptation to your production structure  
  • Providing expertise from over 3,000 projects    
  • Integration of special and third-party products  
  • Implementation service 
  • DP connection and workflow establishment 
  • Project management


  • Supplier reduction
  • Integration of special and drawing parts
  • Kit creation (customer-specific assortment creation) 
  • Parts standardization  
  • On-site consulting for developments (design support)
  • 100% readiness to deliver 
  • Quality assurance agreement  
  • Online reporting tool and regular statistics
  • Container cleaning using professional container cleaning system
  • Individual labeling

Our application engineering supports you in optimizing your solution from a product perspective (standardization, reduction of parts, optimum manufacturing type, correct surfaces and thread lock, etc.).

Kanban system parameters

The Kanban solutions from Keller & Kalmbach are not ""off-the-rack"" items, but rather tailor-made and future-oriented solutions that are aligned with specific customer requirements. The systems have a modular structure and can be optimally integrated into customer processes.

Location decision 

  • Central warehouse
  • Local warehouse,
  • "Kanban supermarkets"
  • Project-based external warehouse(s)
  • Warehouse directly on the customer's premises (also in cooperation with existing logistics partners)
  • Hybrid forms
  • Custom solutions
  • Complete warehouse operation concepts 

Rack system 

  • Shelving units
  • Supply carriage
  • Modular KKL racks
  • Movable racks
  • Workplace-based racks


Standard containers of all sizes and designs made of plastic or metal, small load carriers, K&K packaging, customer-specific containers, etc.

Degree of outsourcing

Individual service based on your wishes - from parts service, all the way up to full service. Supplier adoption (for example up to certain article value limits) and thereby reduction in the number of suppliers. 

Added value services  

  • Kit creation (customer-specific product ranges)
  • Integration of special and drawing parts
  • Regular statistics
  • Item rectification
  • Online reporting tool
  • Quality management services
  • Regular container cleaning with professional container cleaning system
  • Individual labeling 

Database/data capture

  • RFID
  • Bidirectional communication (similar to BLE)
  • Barcode
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • BOM explosions
  • OCI

Electronic data interchange (EDI) 

We use our EDI converter to exchange all business transactions with you - totally independent of your ERP system. This allows us to exchange orders, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, etc. with you in an automated process.