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Benefit from efficient C-parts management

The Kanban solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Customer-specific Kanban solutions as the basis for maximum success 
  • 100% procurement and control of C-parts by K&K, i.e. one service provider and one contact (independence from manufacturers)  
  • Outsourcing of services and supplier adoption 
  • Integration of Special and drawing parts, as well as industrial parts
  • Reduction in procurement costs, diversity of parts, and number of suppliers 
  • Transparency in C-parts procurement and its costs  
  • Maximum and measurable savings through optimization of procurement, warehouse, and material flow processes, as well as routes
  • Supply reliability through automated, prompt order triggering
  • Minimization of total throughput times and warehousing costs, inventories, and warehouse space 
  • Greater cleanness thanks to regularly washed containers
  • Comprehensive statistical and evaluation options (online reporting)
  • Full or partial service (as desired)

Benefit from our experience from over 3,000 implemented Kanban projects.