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Order triggering: scanning of the empty containers (QR code) via Smartphone/App

With labelLOG® the requirement is triggered and transmitted by a smartphone - simply by scanning a QR code on the label. The data is transferred via APP to eLogistics from Keller & Kalmbach and processed there. labelLOG® therefore not only manages without RFID tags and controllers, but is also suitable for third-party suppliers. It is mostly used when (further) a not fully automated demand triggering and the independent execution of manual processes are desired. That is, if you want to order, accept and store goods yourself. labelLOG®  is also useful if irregular requirements are the rule or bulky items are to be processed.

1. the goods are stored in containers as part of a single, double or multiple container system 
2. the goods can be clearly identified by a QR code label 
3. as soon as a need arises, the QR code is scanned via app and transmitted to eLogistics 
4. the order is received by the respective supplier 
5. the goods are delivered by each supplier on his own responsibility 
6. the containers are then filled

  • no more transport of empties
  • faster delivery than with classic Kanban, as the order can be transmitted immediately
  • daily delivery possible, as parcel service
  • Articles do not have to be suitable for containers
  • existing infrastructure \(shelves, containers\) can continue to be used
  • can be supplied by third parties, as labelLOG® is a 100% eLogistics system
  • it is possible to transfer the data directly to you or to your ERP system
  • Cost-effective solution