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Order triggering via scan

The use and application of optical identification systems such as barcodes and QR codes to trigger orders has proven itself in industrial practice.

Even in the age of Industry 4.0 and the increasing use of logistics systems based on RFID technology, the Scan Logistics System - i.e. the scanning of requirements on the basis of one e.g. barcodes or QR codes - impresses with low investment costs and its robustness in the context of industrial applications.

The order information is transferred directly to Keller & Kalmbach and connected third-party suppliers via our mobile application for smartphones and/or tablets and initiates the replenishment process.

labelLOG, the classic VPE-Kanban and the modular storage solution KKL from Keller & Kalmbach trigger the requirements by scanning a barcode or QR code. The recording is carried out differently for each system. Either with a scanner or by smartphone.

In the case of labelLOG, there is the possibility of directly transferring the requirements to third-party suppliers.