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Order triggering via RFID and Bluetooth technology

Übersicht Logistiksysteme

Kanban systems, where the order transmission is done by radio technology. Currently the technologies RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy are used.

RFID and Bluetooth systems are: 

The order is triggered by turning the 2-part container.

Ordering is triggered by pressing a button, the perfect solution for bulky material.

State-of-the-art weighing technology constantly monitors the fill level in the container and triggers the demand when the reorder level is reached.

The order is triggered by dropping the empty container into the RFID box.

The order is triggered by distance measurement after removal.

The order is triggered as soon as the empties are "transported" through the RFID gate.

The order is triggered by placing the empty container on the RFID mat.
NEW: parkLOG® is now also available in an energy-autonomous version.