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MRO automatic dispensers for an ordered and secure dispensing of material

The takeLOG® dispensing system convinces by reliability and versatility. A range of tools arranged by takeLOG® and a secure output of all types of operating resources are the basis of any economic production. Automated processes ensure material availability and avoid expensive downtimes. The sophisticated, ERP-compatible software ensures lean structures and efficient workflows.

  • Pre-installation of the ERP-compatible software "Modul Basic" for all machines and optional extension to the software module "Complete"
  • Overview of all article movements, stocks, inventory and abrasion in the takeLOG® dispensing system
  • ergonomic touch screens on all models
  • all M-automats* can be used independently or as alternative control units for complex systems
  • Economical due to optimized stock levels, minimized search times and fast access
    Reduction of process costs by up to 40 %
  • Secure through access control and order management
    Reduction of tool consumption by up to 28 %
  • Flexible through 11 different output systems 
    Consumables, tools, industrial safety and much more can be freely combined
  • Fast through multilingual menu navigation and individual product groups
  • Cost transparency through traceable withdrawals and current stock information
  • Reliable supply through availability 24/7 reduces machine downtimes

*) M = Main-System incl. monitor

eLogistics allows you to automatically process replenishment orders with other suppliers or internal buffer storage. Thanks to use of standardized interfaces, the solution can be connected seamlessly to your ERP system.

takeLOG® automatic dispensers models