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Order placement: Insertion of the empty container into the RFID box

dropLOG® triggers an order when an empty container is placed in the RFID box. Each container carries a unique RFID label and thereby contributes to identification of individual customer features. You can specify the replenishment quantity individually for each transponder. The integrated LED display, as well as a display in the cover of the box provides you with a visual order confirmation/feedback. Articles can be integrated into an existing system at any time.

  • System based on two-container Kanban principle
  • An order is triggered by inserting the empty containers into the RFID box
  • Order data transmitted to K&K via GSM
  • Identification and testing of the installed transponders
  • System application in open warehouses and circulating storage, or directly at the assembly site
  • The RFID box offers capacity for over 100 containers
  • Robustness and simplification in operational use
  • Remote maintenance of the system possible
  • Visual support for the employee through LED displays
  • Container washing and relabelling before each delivery