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LogiMAT 2021

The international trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management will take place from 8 - 10 November 2022 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre.

Experience intelligent C-parts management

Ist Ihre C-Artikel Beschaffung bereit für die Industrie 4.0? 

Is your C-article procurement ready for Industry 4.0? Take the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements with our experts and experience the latest generation of our procurement, storage and supply systems around eLogistics live.  

You can also look forward to a very special highlight. We will present you our new logistics solutions for all aspects of eLogistics. Interest raised? Then we will see you in Stuttgart! 

Miriam Fiedler
Marketing Manager

Telefon: +49 89 8395-292
E-Mail: miriam.fiedler@keller-kalmbach.com

Logistics systems

The order is placed by rotating the two-piece split container.

The order is placed by pressing a button. The perfect solution for bulky material.

Using the latest weighing technology, weightLOG® continuously monitors the fill level in the container.

When using dropLOG®, the order placement process is triggered via insertion of an empty container into the RFID box.
Order triggering is performed as soon as the empty container is transported through the RFID gate.

With parkLOG®, the order is triggered by placing the empty container on the RFID mat.

With parkLOG® wireless the order is triggered by placing the empty container on the energy self-sufficient RFID mat.

MRO automatic dispensers for ordered and secure material issuing.

The order of the empty containers is triggered by scanning via smartphone/App

Intelligent - Networking the logistics systems

eLogistics from Keller & Kalmbach is an intelligent, IT-based solution for automated goods management. This makes it possible to control all material and information flows of items with recurring demands. All relevant information is packaged and evaluated in eLogistics.