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So why should you choose our company?

We develop young talent from within our own ranks. Our trainees can work in various core areas, such as sales, purchasing, logistics, or even marketing and IT. These positions provide them with an opportunity to use their strengths and abilities to achieve the right results. Qualified training and continuous further development are the cornerstones of our success. In addition to this, you can expect to receive attractive benefits and daily duties you can enjoy.

Birgit Gebauer

Telefon: +49 89 8395-275
E-Mail: birgit.gebauer@keller-kalmbach.com

Our training directions

You are interested in exciting, challenging duties in sales, purchasing, marketing, or C-parts logistics. 


You enjoy working with customers and suppliers.

You process orders and assume assistance duties.


You are passionate about technology.


You are responsible for goods flows – from entry of the goods, all the way to delivery.

You enjoy working with goods and conveyors.

You will design software solutions to meet specific requirements.

You are a specialist in IT systems.