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Quality management

Keller & Kalmbach attaches great importance to the highest quality. This refers not only to goods, but also the actions of employees. The pronounced focus on quality can be seen in our management systems. Our customers can access a worldwide, audited pool of suppliers, for which we perform on-site services in purchasing, materials management, and logistics.

A wide range of measurement and test equipment, as well as broad specialist knowledge mean that we are always prepared to meet your requirements. Beside hardness tests and measuring inspections, we offer various other testing processes.

We have received various awards over the years for our high quality standards. These include the Bavarian Quality Award. With EMAS, we have also been using an extensive environmental management system since 2017.

Beside certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, we also meet the strict requirements in the automotive sector with VDA 6.2. You can find further certificates on the download portal.

Our quality policy


Keller & Kalmbach has established a quality management system according to ISO 9001. For our customers in the automotive industry, we are certified according to VDA 6.2. With our EMAS certification we would like to communicate our attitude towards the environment.


In 2007, we had our environmental protection system certified according to the ÖKOPROFIT standard of the City of Munich and have been working on continuous improvement. In November 2017, we were awarded the EMAS certificate. In our corporate policy, the aspect of the environment represents an important element. With the environmental management system EMAS and the permanent effort to relieve the environment, we provide our contribution to a better understanding of the environment. We pursue these guiding principles in our environmental policy.

In order to strengthen the confidence of our customers in our company, we have had ourselves certified in various areas: DIN EN ISO 9001 / VDA 6.2 / IRIS - DIN EN ISO 22163 / EMAS

DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015:This standard defines requirements for a quality management system. Through the application of a documented QM system, the connection between a regulated organization and the company's success should be demonstrated. With clear regulations, clearly defined responsibilities and working within the process structure, the overall success is to be ensured via product quality and customer satisfaction. In DIN ISO 9001:2015, the High Level Structure creates a uniform basic structure and a basic system.

Test instruments

Below you can see the testing instruments we work with at Keller and Kalmbach.

Tensile testing machine

Tensile strength evaluation.

Measure highly accurate contour geometries, trace the surface of the measured object with a stylus.
Eddy current testing

Non-destructive testing for strength variations.

Microstructure evaluation.
Das Kleinlasthärteprüfgerät dient zur Härteprüfung der Schrauben. Durch das Gerät kann man die Kernhärte und die Randhärte von beispielsweise einer Blechschraube ermitteln. Die Prüfung des Gerätes erfolgt nach dem Vickers-Verfahren.
Das Digitalmikroskop kann eine Schraube 20- bis 100-fach vergrößern und besitzt eine Tiefenschärfe. Außerdem verfügt das Gerät über eine 3D-Anzeige und eine Flächenauswertung bzw. Vermessung.
Der digitale Profilprojektor ermittelt alle Maße, die als Kontur sichtbar sind, sowohl mit Auflicht, als auch Durchlicht. Nach Anlernen eines Teils werden bis zu 99 weitere Teile automatisch und gleichzeitig messbar. Fehlerhafte Teile und deren Abmessung werden sofort auf der Anzeige dargestellt. Außerdem verfügt es über ein Messprogramm für die Außengewinde.
Durch dieses Gerät, können wir in Hilpoltstein die Reibzahl der Kopf-Gewinde-Gesamtreibung ermitteln. Dies soll durch die Vorspannkraft und den Drehwinkel erfolgen. Außerdem läuft die Prüfung nach Norm, VDA, VW und Daimler.
Die Anwendung des Schrauben-Prüfstands liegt in den Verschraubungsmomenten. Außerdem kann man die Weiterdrehwinkel, sowie die Losdrehmomente feststellen.
Mit der Spektralanalyse kann man die Legierungszusammensetzung ermitteln und die Stahlsorten der einzelnen Schrauben identifizieren.
Das Schichtdickenprüfgerät verfügt über diverse Schichtdickenprüfungen, sowie ein Röntgenfluoreszenzverfahren. Dies ist nur auf Stahl prüfbar und die Prüfung erfolgt unter dem ROHS Konform. Außerdem dient das Gerät zur einfachen Ermittlung von Oberflächenzusammensetzung und es verfügt über eine zerstörungsfreie Schichtdickenmessung von Korrosionsschutzüberzügen.
Die Salzsprüh-Prüfkammer verfügt über eine Korrosionsprüfung und -beurteilung nach DIN EN ISO 9227 und erfüllt den VDA-Standard. Die typischen Prüfzeiten einer Salzsprüh-Prüfkammer liegen bei 96 Stunden, 240 Stunden, 480 Stunden oder 720 Stunden. Die genormte Vergleichsprüfung dient zur Bewertung von Schutzschichten.

Quality assurance

Our ERP system is connected to the CAQ system via interfaces, which enables us to store characteristic-related inspections on product groups or down to article level. After coordination with our customers, we can determine the inspection frequency via skip-lot procedures.
Depending on the customer agreement, we order corresponding test certificates from our suppliers in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10204. These are stored in the system for the batch concerned in the waiting input and, at the customer's request, are transmitted with the delivery bill.
Only selected and pre-qualified suppliers are included in our list of approved suppliers. Regular qualitative assessment and the performance of audits allow us to immediately identify changes in the quality situation. This enables us to immediately initiate suitable countermeasures.
An audit is intended to assess a systematic, independent examination of activities and results based on defined requirements. This is intended to identify problem and weak points and improve them through suitable measures. The effectiveness of these measures is to be evaluated. In our company, product, process and system audits are carried out. This is used to assess the performance of internal processes as well as suppliers. In addition, customer and certification audits take place.
Through a structured supplier management system is to be made only of quality-capable criteria. Basis for this is a current supplier evaluation, which contains both hard and soft facts. With a systematic supplier development and promotion, the entire performance of our company is integrated. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
Should our customers ever have problems with the delivered products, we are available with a qualified team for support. The safeguarding of our customers' production is our first priority. Common quality tools, such as 8D report are used here for the customer final feedback.
The customer satisfaction is capitalized in our company.
The guiding principle "The customer is king" continues to be lived and is a principle in our corporate policy.
To measure customer satisfaction, various key figures, such as delivery rate, number of complaints, audits, evaluations and sales are used as a basis.
Through various improvement measures, especially in logistics systems, CIP, e-logistics, etc., customer satisfaction is to be further increased.
Through the use of our modern, fully automated logistics warehouse, we are able to transfer the production batches of our suppliers into our WMS.
If this is not available, our system assigns its own batch number. This enables us to clearly trace all customer deliveries back to the production of our supplier.
Furthermore, we also manage the best before date of our products with expiration dates. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Initial sampling

We are able to fulfill all sampling requirements of our customers. Whether according to VDA or PPAP according to the desired submission levels, our clientele decides.
Initial sample test reports are mainly used in the automotive industry for the release of new products and processes. Generally, initial samples are specified according to VDA 2 or PPAP, but these must be agreed in the order.
In general, initial sampling is not provided for standard parts according to VDA. The cost of sampling is usually very high in relation to the price of the part. In any case, a simplified form of the product and process approval procedure should be used here.
For our automotive customers, we naturally enter the chemical analysis of the material composition into the industry-specific management system for each component concerned. In this way, we ensure proper disposal of the products we supply after their useful life in the vehicles in which they are installed.
Depending on the customer agreement, we can also carry out desired requalifications according to time specifications and provide them to the customer accordingly.