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Intelligent material and information control for C-parts

eLogistics from Keller & Kalmbach is an intelligent, IT-based solution for automated goods management. It enables the control of all material and information flows of items with recurring demands.  All relevant information is packaged and evaluated in eLogistics. Bidirectional data exchange represents a special feature here. With this approach, data is no longer just mono directional - i.e. order data is typically sent from the customer to the supplier, but also specifically transmitted back. For example, the delivery notification is displayed directly as information on the transponder.


Integration of further suppliers

eLogistics communicates and processes data from the logistics solutions of Keller & Kalmbach. It simplifies control of articles and article data.
Beside the product portfolio of Keller & Kalmbach, articles from other suppliers can also be integrated into the automated goods management process:

  • Inspection and processing of all orders
  • Automated forwarding of all order data to the connected suppliers
  • Central processing of all feedback from connected suppliers  

Control of in-house logistics

Beside internal works material supply, eLogistics also facilitates control of multi-stage manufacturing, taking into account the pull principle.

Displayable logistics processes:

  • Internal replenishment control and supply of the assembly areas
  • Central warehouse - supermarket - workplace


Benefits of eLogistics

  • One logistics platform for automatic management of all articles
  • Absolute supply reliability at the required locations
  • Multiple supplier capability and control of in-house logistics
  • Simplified article changes thanks to innovative NFC labels
  • Missing containers, defective transponders, and illogical orders are detected by eLogistics
  • Transponders energy-autonomous for 10 years
  • Connection to existing ERP systems
  • Extremely large variety of articles - optimized for your requirements - and tailor-made logistics solutions

Logistics systems by Keller & Kalmbach

Keller & Kalmbach already offers you the next generation of Kanban solutions, which are based on RFID and NFC technology and can be combined individually. The versatile logistics systems make a key contribution to leveraging process cost savings and thereby to implementing your logistical requirements.

The order is placed by rotating the two-piece split container.

The order is placed by pressing a button. The perfect solution for bulky material.

Using the latest weighing technology, weightLOG® continuously monitors the fill level in the container.

When using dropLOG®, the order placement process is triggered via insertion of an empty container into the RFID box.

Order triggering is performed as soon as the empty container is transported through the RFID gate.

With parkLOG®, the order is triggered by placing the empty container on the RFID mat.

With parkLOG® wireless the order is triggered by placing the empty container on the energy self-sufficient RFID mat.

MRO automatic dispensers for ordered and secure material issuing.

The order of the empty containers is triggered by scanning via smartphone/App

Ordering is triggered by distance measurement after removal.

Advantages of the logistics systems

  • Status message for order and delivery on the label thanks to bidirectional communication
  • Simplified article change through innovative NFC labelsn
  • Transponder 10 years energy autonomous
  • Processes are monitored, controlled and logged
  • Statistical evaluation by means of an online tool
  • flexible solution that can be expanded at any time
  • Warehouse not bound to location
  • missing containers or defective transponders are detected by the system
  • automatic detection of illogical orders (e.g. double orders)
  • Containers can remain at the place of consumption

The future starts now 

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