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Order triggering: Touch the cardLOG tag with the NFC card

cardLOG® is a cost-effective solution for maximum flexibility. The card solution is versatile and is particularly suitable for items that are stored in cupboards, drawers or at the workplace. But cardLOG can also be used in the MRO sector. 
The order is triggered by bringing the NFC card into contact with the cardLOG TAG.


1. the goods are stored, for example, in a container or cupboard
2. an NFC order card is attached to the storage location
3. when the order stock is reached, the NFC-card is taken out and an order is triggered with it at the cardLOG-TAG
4. the transponder must be pressed for detection
5. the cardLOG-TAG confirms the order with an acoustic signal
6. the order is received at K&K
7. the NFC-card is returned to the storage place/container and is reattached by showing the side „ordered“
8. the order is picked and shipped in the central warehouse
9. the goods are delivered to the customer and placed in
10. the NFC order card is turned again after filling, so that the „ordered“ side is no longer visible


  • simple order initiation with NFC card
  • flexible solution for bulky items
  • cost-effective ordering system, as only one cardLOG-TAG is required
  • Warehouse not tied to a specific location
  • with eLogistics all articles can be managed via one system
  • Full and partial service

Logtopus allows you to automatically process replenishment orders with other suppliers or internal buffer storage. Thanks to use of standardized interfaces, the solution can be connected seamlessly to your ERP system.