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Why are certificates so important?

Do you have a question, need advice or would like to order? You are welcome to call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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The situation on the procurement market for masks is still tense, and the risk of fraud is unfortunately very high. Often it concerns goods with false or missing certificates. Every manufacturer or marketer of masks in the medical/nursing sector requires appropriate certificates and tests. However, this is not inevitably necessary for everyday masks. However, if certificates and tests from authorized testing institutes are available for these masks, this would be a positive sign of quality.

You can find all testing institutes that are allowed to certify in the EU on the website of the European Commission. Testing by state-certified Chinese testing institutes is also recognised by the German authorities. 

Our certified masks

The offered masks have been certified by certified test institutes according to Chinese standards. You can request the respective certificates directly from us. Simply contact us at:  beratung@keller-kalmbach.com or call us at the following number: +49(0)89/83 95-900  We look forward to hearing from you. 

What do we ensure for you?

Together with our colleagues from international procurement we ensure the following for you:

  • Purchase only after checking existing certificates 
  • Handling of all export and customs formalities 
  • Ensuring transport to the airport in the country of origin 
  • Handling of customs formalities at the German destination airport 
  • Picking of the goods 
  • Transport of goods including security and insurance of goods

How do we check the authenticity of the masks?

Our oronasal masks always go through a defined process to ensure that they are tested and certified masks. This is particularly essential for the filtering half masks (FFP class), as this is an article of the PSA III regulation (2016/45). Category III covers only those risks that can lead to very serious consequences such as death or irreversible damage to health. But what does conformity assessment procedure mean? This is a CE stamp with a 4-digit number and a sample test report which clearly shows which product is involved. 

Our test procedure consists of three steps: 

1. In the first step we compare the packaging of the product with its contents. Here we check carefully whether the delivered goods and their labelling actually correspond to the information on the packaging.  

2. The second step is quality control. For the KN95 the number of individual layers of the mask is checked. The KN95 from Keller & Kalmbach is characterized by its 5-layer layer. The standard for this filtering half mask according to GB2626:2006 is 4 layers. Due to its minimum 95% filtering capacity, the KN95 can also be used in the medical/nursing sector.

3. In the third step, the authenticity of all certificates is checked at the CNAS (National Conformity Assessment Body of China) To be absolutely sure, the certificates are compared with the certification body. 

The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) publishes in its database "dangerous products" known product recalls, product warnings, prohibition orders and other information on dangerous individual products, which are regulated in Germany by the Product Safety Act (ProdSG), among others.